Crossed Roller Bearing

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Crossed Roller Bearings | Schaeffler Group USA Inc.Crossed-roller bearings are bearings for high-precision applications whose dimensions conform to ISO dimension series 18 as per DIN 616.Crossed Roller Bearings - IKO InternationalIKO designs and manufactures a variety of crossed roller bearings that can handle radial, thrust and moment loads at the same time. These compact bearings 
Crossed Roller Bearings - Hiwin CorporationHIWIN Corporation Crossed Roller Bearings consist of an outer ring, an inner ring, and a plurality of rollers and spacers. The roller lies between the inner The Basics of Crossed Roller BearingsFeb 13, 2018 — Crossed roller bearings provide more accuracy, rigidity, and weight-bearing capacity for linear motion than other commonly used 

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
A12-125P1 No Gear Slewing Bearings(129.92*119.33*5.5inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 1 in Maximum of +800 °F 1-3/16 in 75000
A10-110P2D No Gear Slewing Bearings(114.25*105.75*3inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners Machined Bearing with Inner Ring Lubrication Groove & Hole 1.4375 in 23300 lbs
A22-98P1 No Gear Slewing Bearings(105.75*90.17*5.76inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 40 mm 1830 kgf 111.1 mm Contact with Flinger
A18-89P1 No Gear Slewing Bearings(96.5*82.28*6.3inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 2.9375 in Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed) 13.0000 in Nylon
A14-89P1 No Gear Slewing Bearings(94.62*84.5*4.63inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 65 mm 6750 kgf 130 mm 4900 kgf
A16-86P1 No Gear Slewing Bearings(91*80*6inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 0.5000 in 7/8 in Round 1-11/16 in
A16-79P1A No Gear Slewing Bearings(84.75*72.75*4.25inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 0.5000 in 300 Series Stainless Steel 1.0000 in 440 C Stainless Steelheat Treated
A16-67P2 No Gear Slewing Bearings(73.88*60.25*4.5inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 2.5000 in 12900 lbf 4.7244 in 9000 lbf
A18-60P1B No Gear Slewing Bearings(66.63*54*5.63inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 2.7500 in 10800 lbf 7.4844 in Contact with Flinger
A14-49P1A No Gear Slewing Bearings(53.62*43.38*4.19inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 80 mm 21400 lbf 140 mm Steel
A12-47P2 No Gear Slewing Bearings(52.75*41.76*4.78inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 1.7500 in Uncoated 1.0594 in Tyson®
A14-43P1 No Gear Slewing Bearings(48.25*38.13*3.81inch) For Clarifiers And Thickeners 0.8750 in 2680 lbf 2.7500 in 1420 lbf