Flange Block Bearings

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bolt flange bearings are used to provide support for shafts that run perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface.52100 Chrome Steel bearings are prelubricated and regreaseable. They feature rubber seals and cast-iron housings.

UHMW-PE bearings are ideal for washdown applications in wet or harsh environments. They are self-lubricating, and are interchangeable with most metal units. flange bearings feature high-performance polymer construction. They are lightweight, self-lubricating, and maintenance-free. They are also resistant to corrosion, dirt, and dust. Spherical flange bearings help to compensate for alignment deviations.

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY22J115SC Flange Block Bearings

12 mm 30 mm
100x150x32 140 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY22J115SET Flange Block Bearings

55,5625 63,5 mm
27,8 mm 22 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY20J315SN Flange Block Bearings

31 mm 3.45 kN
0.36 Hz 120 °C

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY18J307ST Flange Block Bearings

230 28 mm
28 mm 170 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY18J080ST Flange Block Bearings

70 F15051C
130 mm 57

QM INDUSTRIES QVFXP16V212SN Flange Block Bearings

62 mm 30 mm
BB1-0094A 16

QM INDUSTRIES QVFXP16V212SEO Flange Block Bearings

38 Timken
X32934M/Y32934M 2 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVFXP16V211SM Flange Block Bearings

0,3 mm 9 mm
38,5 mm / Tolerance: 0,3 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY18J080SEB Flange Block Bearings

198 mm 150x207.45x56
56 NBS

QM INDUSTRIES QVFXP16V211SEB Flange Block Bearings

46,038 mm 340 kN
254 mm 235 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVFXP16V075SEB Flange Block Bearings

55,7 kN 71,7 kN
25,4 M86643/10

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY15J300SEN Flange Block Bearings

160 mm 43 mm
2000 r/min 438 kN