Sleeve Bearings

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When sleeve bearing analysis is discussed in our industry it is typically inferred that proximity transducers are being utilized to directly measure shaft displacement within the bearing. Unlike casing mounted transducers used for routine data collection proximity transducers are usually permanently mounted on the machinery close to the bearing. These transducers are non-contacting devices which can directly measure the Peak-to-Peak displacement of the shaft as it rotates within its bearing support. In most cases, 2 proximity transducers are installed at a bearing location as an XY pair mounted at 90° to each other. This configuration thus allows for the analyst to determine planes of maximum and minimum motion along with the shape of the shaft motion within the bearing.

As we will see, the shape of the shaft motion along with procession will be important elements in determining machine condition in sleeve bearings. In many cases these parameters may be more important than the amplitude and frequency of the vibration. To correctly evaluate the shape and procession, it is very important that correct transducer convention be followed.

ISOSTATIC SF-1624-12 Sleeve Bearings

Round flange shape 6
J7 Cast Iron

ISOSTATIC SF-1624-6 Sleeve Bearings

Steel 33
Metric System 4900

ISOSTATIC SF-1624-8 Sleeve Bearings

1.05 kN 0.41 Hz
NTN 4.09 Hz

ISOSTATIC AA-2304-6 Sleeve Bearings

DD (Contact Rubber S 8
No Single

ISOSTATIC SF-1622-12 Sleeve Bearings

30 mm 48.4 mm
ES211G2T20 12 mm

ISOSTATIC SF-1622-5 Sleeve Bearings

NS Hairyu-bu Grease Stainless Steel
Single Row Single Row

ISOSTATIC SF-1620-20 Sleeve Bearings

UC205-14G2 36.5 mm
-20 °C 22.22 mm

ISOSTATIC SF-1622-8 Sleeve Bearings

81 Bearings with Housin
Flanged Pilot Type Compact Type

ISOSTATIC SF-1620-9 Sleeve Bearings

Single Track Radial
Double Shielded 8300

ISOSTATIC AA-2203-9 Sleeve Bearings

2,510 kN -40 °C
C3 3,500 kN

ISOSTATIC SF-1620-8 Sleeve Bearings

100 SH33M
J7 Bearing Steel

ISOSTATIC SF-1620-10 Sleeve Bearings

7 mm 64 mm
-20 °C 5.5 Nm